Thursday, June 14, 2012

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies(2012)

This film should not be confused with 20th Century Fox's Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

With the feel of a bigger budget movie The Asylum pulls out the stops and goes full throttle with this one. Bill Oberst Jr. is fantastic and a scene stealer as the former president. This review is just going to highlights not so much spoil it for you that have not seen it.
The setting is just before the address at Gettysburg and the men that have been sent into the war, only one has returned. The man is quite sick so they keep him locked up, for everyones well being.

If you have seen more than one zombie film in your life(as I have)then let me explain the zombies in a language that everyone here can clearly understand. The zombies move more like the ones from Night of the Living Dead(1968) than say Dawn of the Dead(2004). That being said the way that the president deals with them is classic.
Not at all cheesy or poorly acted this film has generated allot of buzz for the studio and I am happy-their pre-orders for The Asylum that they had run out of copies for the reviewers so we got a custom-printed, one of a kind hand written by Maria DVD.
The action scenes are great the editing is slick and I for one am even more looking forward to seeing more from this studio and their filmakers. The script is very well written and the music score keeps your attention as well.
I don't know if the studio is planning a sequel for this, but if they do folks we are in for yet another treat, let's just hope good 'Ol Abe will come prepared again!

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