Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Independent Film Review: Cowtippers From Outer Space

Movie Synopsis:

When a planet of Cows find out                 that the chosen one (A giant steer) had somehow been placed on earth Known as Old Ben over a hundred years ago they seek to reclaim Old Ben. As the cows proceed to earth they realise what these earthlings do to cows and so they decide to treat the Earthlings as they have treated cow on Earth. As a small group of misfits are the only hope to figure how to stop them.

An orange moon spins in the distance as words fly by the screen Ala Flash Gordan & Star Wars. Each copy of this film should come with its own piece of cheese as for anyone that takes this film more serious than that should seek help.
We have the leader of the cows along with his henchman.
The costuming for this character leads me to believe the creators are big SCTV/Joe Flahrety (Count Floyd) fans.
I don't know about you but the similarities between Count FunkUall & Kyle is eerie indeed. That aside Kyle is the only hope for mankind when his  partners  are taken down one by one by the cows.
In a battle to the death a super heroine is called upon to help with their task at hand, well for the outcome you would just have to see for yourself.There are some blatant tributes here in this film but for allot of it you would have to see the film, the scene below is cleary a homage to Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Word of advice? Don't call this man and tell him about the cows....he won't believe you(at all)

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

Squirrelly Cow

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Chris said...

I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I've watched the trailer on SquirellyCow's YouTube page, and it looks to be the stuff of my z-movie dreams! I'm a big fan of Henry Humble and Matthew Enstrom, having discovered them in Jerry Williams' Astro Space Hero web series.