Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in Time Reviews: King Diamond-Fatal Portrait(1986)

Track Listing:

The Candle
The Jonah
The Portrait
Dressed In White
Lurking In The Dark
Voices From The Past(Instrumental)

This would be the debut album for King Diamond after being in Mercyful Fate.When I was in my 20's I used to drum to almost the whole album, great to drum to.

Kim Bendix Petersen is King Diamond he  has expressed concern that religion has led so many people to kill and destroy each other. He stated that he cannot comprehend why religion has caused so much death and destruction when it is logically impossible to prove the presence or absence of any god. He states that he has reached a point in his life where he has completely given up believing in anything religious(Wikipedia)(His words not mine) 

Five songs on this album (first four and "Haunted") form a short story. Narrator sees a face in "every candle that [he] burns". This face speaks one word to him: "Jonah". So he finds an old book, speaks a rhyme and frees the spirit of candle. It's the spirit of a little girl named Molly, who tells him her story, that happened seven years before. Mrs. Jane kept her 4-year-old daughter Molly in the attic until she (Molly) died. Before, Mrs. Jane painted Molly's portrait and put it above the fireplace, so that Molly would become immortal; however, Molly made the portrait speak to her mother, so that Jane would know about Molly's pain. Mrs. Jane then speaks a rhyme and burns the portrait. A free spirit of Molly returns to haunt her until she goes insane.(Wikipedia)

He appeared at Hellfest in June in France below is a link to show you all the bands that appeared!

                                            Hellfest 2012

Lets just hope there was a camera crew there! Looks like it was one Hell of a show!(pun intended)

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Anthony Nadeau 

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