Friday, November 21, 2014

CD Review: Habit of Force(2012)(Updated Nov 21, 2014)

This review has been updated which was written in June 2012.
The video at the bottom of the review had been removed so posted a video of the band from last year instead.Added a few other things as well, seeing as I was already here to change some things as well.

I love getting to do this for this reason as I have been fortunate to listen to all this fantastic music. To say that Habit of Force adds to that enjoyment is an understatement.
Chicago is the home for this trio of talented musicians I hear allot of inspirations when I listen to their music.
"Last Chance" is a power ballad Ala Pantera ,great sounding stuff here.

Here is a MP3 video of their song "Pissing on the Vine"

I enjoyed this album immensely and love the guitar riffs and the vocals hard n heavy!!The drummer is Tony Loveland, husband of Yvonne Loveland C.E.O. of Voodoo Queen Management

They have some great songs and enjoyed listening to their tunes again.

They are playing their final show on December 9th, 2014

(From Tony Loveland, drummer for Habit of Force)
It saddens me to announce, December 9th, Tuesday night @ Mojoes in Joliet IL, will be my last show with Habit of Force. Unfortunately, I do not have the time and energy to dedicate to a band at this time in my life. I wish the rest of the guys the best. We are opening up for Snot that night. Anyone interested in attending please contact myself or the rest of the band for discounted tickets. Thank you all for your love and support through out the years.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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