Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CD Review: Pulse-Show Me The Way

(Voodoo Queen Management)

If straight forward Rock is your first choice then "Pulse" will not disapoint, at all. With sounds between "Disturbed" amongst others these guys rock.

(Quote from Pulse)
We are only 8 months into this project and although we are a new band we are all seasoned veterans in the music scene. We are Pulse from Dallas/Fort Worth and are approaching a very exciting point in our careers. We have our first full length album being released on March 24th and are about to embark on our first tour dates.

We funded the recording with producer Alex Gerst, through our fans directly. A budget of approximately $8,000 dollars was raised via playing shows with high attendance (average 100 people per appearance) and through a campaign where our fans banded together to make sure we reached the remaining 2000 dollars to fund the recording.  

With songs like "Blame" & "First to Fight"  & "Stay" they really show their strengths as a band. Their first single "Think About It" is not one of their stronger songs.I have always been like that ever since I was a kid though-always enjoyed the rest of the album more than the single, not sure why.
But here is the first single from the album.

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Anthony Nadeau

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