Friday, July 13, 2012

Love For All Things Metal: FREE music from Century Media

For those that like their music FREE then this is for you, mind you if you like Heavy Metal music.
I downloaded my own copy for safe keeping as there are some really good bands on here! I will post any video available for albums that I have reviewed here on this site.

3 Inches of Blood-Metal Woman.

                   Jeff Loomis Plains of Oblivion CD Review

                Headspace I Am Anonymous CD Review

                            Tesseract Perspective CD Review

Thanks for putting up with that here is the FREE music, you can thank Century Media for all this music and sharing it with us all.

Century Media Summer Sampler(Click Here)

I was not asked by Century Media to do this however I have been reviewing for them for a while and enjoy the label and thought I would let my readers know about a FREE item!

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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