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Movie Review: Bikini Spring Break(2012)

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Starting a new idea here on Behind The Scenes with the really bad films I encounter. I am an equal opportunist ,however there are good films, great films then there are those that you say

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With the title alone and the opening 3 minutes of the film would make Roger Corman proud we are shown a number of women's breasts. I am not a prude but if there is a reason to show them then fine, well I won't get into it.
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That lead intro already has made the movie exactly what I thought it might be like. Young Teenage boys will be in heaven for sure like I was with the Friday the 13th series and the Porky movies.
But with Porky's at least(The very least)they had developed the characters, there are no characters here just breasts.
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They have picked cute young women to be in this film, but I hope that one day instead of people making "Girls Gone Wild" type of films they would have a purpose.
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Zoe(back to cam)is asked to record their session during the Nationals (they are in Band camp) trying the camera out she accidentally leaves the camera on in the girls locker room to be broadcast over the screen at the football field. With a captive audience there is a huge crowd growing to watch. She and another then take their bras off to ask each other about their breasts.

In a montage video where we are travelling across the country we are treated to signs of cities and the "Thanks for visiting" we are not shown any landmarks etc.

There are no funny lines in this film at all, even by accident.
Even with Robert Carradine in it he doesn't save this film by any means.We are subjected to another many bad video montages of a car wash and a strip bar with my asking !!WHAT!!??
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Then there is a Jello wrestling contest but when Zoe finds the flyer she declines to read its wrestling and not a Jello eating contest.
There is pointless scene after scene in this film, then after all this there is a wet T-shirt contest.
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One of the women 34 minutes into the film actually states "We need to stop , we are embarrassing ourselves" I could not have said it better. In closing I am surprised the young women in this film agreed to such a stupid idea.
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I know they had all agreed to this do this film but there are no redeeming qualities to this film whatsoever.
Here is the trailer-have a look for yourself.

Please Note: I was told I needed to review all films received as part of my agreement or I will stop getting them.

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