Monday, July 30, 2012

What Scares You? Oh The! 1st Year Anniversary(Updated July 30th)

In what seems like only a few months ago I was talking to Johnny Bones(aka Jon Aaron)about his start of a festival called "Horrorshow" with he being one of the projectionist's at The Hollywood 3 Cinemas in Pitt Meadows, BC. He had told me that being that the movie theatre has times slotted for other films, he chose to ask for the Midnight showing to be allowed. His wishes were granted and now with July 27, 2012 closing in on his first year Anniversary he will show the sequel to the film that started the whole "Horrowshow" The Evil Dead.

Now that being said he shows a Horror film the last Friday of each month. Here are some the films he has shown over the past year.
Doors open at 11:30 pm there is entertainment for a half hour before each show, he also has sponsors and giveaways to boot.

He has asked for people to let him know what they would like to see at the show as far as movies go. He is  a very pleasant and very well spoken young man, which he also has talents in other forms of the arts. I was able to contact him through social media while doing this article and asked him if he has any thoughts on his first year in on what could lead to many more years of 


Here are Jon's thoughts on how things have gone.
This first year of Horrorshow has been a real scream. We've had ghastly ghouls & fearsome fiends in attendance. Each morbid month is a sinful surprise & I'm always excited to see what creep comes crawling through our doors! As for outstanding shows, last months fear feature was our very first completely sold out show! I pulled from the Terror Tomb a monstrous midnight classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" & will all the party guests, sweet transvestites from transsexual Transylvania, Rice, Toast, squirt guns & more.... it was truly a sinister sight!

I'd like to thank a few of our eerie opening acts:

Gerald Gerald Geraldson: The Horror Comic, 
Miss Riannaconda  & Fiq Ahmed for coming and showing their soul sucking stuff & I urge any twisted twit that is daring enough to preform to get in touch, I'm always looking for new oddities....
And last but not least, a horribly huge thank you to all of our sinister sponsors:

 Sector 2814 Comics & Toys, 

          Outer Limits Skate Shop, 
Little Shop Of Movies, 

Moz Hair Studio, 

Wes' Tattoo, 

Mothers Brew Tea Co.

If you live locally I suggest you "like" the Facebook page (click above)for the "Show" as he is always updating with new information about the next show etc. I will be attending this month's feature and with it I will be  with a camera and pad to take notes and chat with people that are there. 
I wish all involved much luck for another many years of making people squirm, scream & get chills.
Also look forward to seeing you all there!
Here is the host as "ASH" he made the chainsaw himself.
The book of the dead he got when he bought the movie.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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