Monday, July 30, 2012

Working Brilliantly offers streaming music with The Jelly Project

Album Release: 
October 2, 2012

  With the ever changing sounds in today's music, it is fresh sometimes when bands use sounds that are familiar to use but yet use them to make their own unique sound-for me that is The Jelly Project. Much like Lenny Kravitz did when he first started on the music scene. Using music to his advantage and made sounds all his own.
The song "Call It" definitely is their own as is the funky grove on "Stupid Animal" I really like their sound and now I get to share with you the FREE music stream  of their album.

The Jelly Project: Ugly Dirty Album Streaming(or purchase)  

Thanks to all at Working Brilliantly for allowing me to do this for them and to The Jelly Project for this fantastic album what a treat to get to do this!

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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