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Back In Time Reviews: Cheap Trick Live In Budakon(1978)

"Alright Tokyo...are you ready?Will you welcome Epic recording artists CHEAP TRICK!!"

That would be the introduction to one the best selling live albums of all time: Cheap Trick at Budokan.
Below  is a chart that shows the success of this album, they have never made it this far up the charts for that long again.
One of my favorite bands of all-time I have seen them 6 times and they started performing in 1973 and are still at it.
Chart (1979)Peak
US Billboard 200453
Canadian Albums Chart144
UK Albums Chart299
New Zealand Albums Chart1031
Swedish Albums Chart262
Dutch Albums Chart221
(Chart graft is from Wikipedia)

Song #1 on the album-here is the video:

I had all the albums by this great group but the albums are gone now all I have is the memories of hearing each album for the first time, but I am listening to this album as I write this.
Song #2

Each time I have seen this band(has been over 5 years now)they just get better with time, like a fine wine.

Song #3
Robin Zander has a solo album that he had released in 1993, it was OK but nothing like what he had done with Cheap Trick.
The tricky(no pun)about a member releasing a solo album is the fans automatically think the band is breaking up.
Song #4

Bun E. Carlos is without a doubt one of my favorite drummers of all time, he has some pretty amazing skills. I was sad when I has heard that he was no longer a member of the band and was replaced by Rick's son Daxx.
Song #5

Below is a video showing the skills of Bun E. Carlos, the lead in to this song is just fantastic!
Song #6

Robin Zander has always had one of the better voices in the rock world and millions know that from their biggest hit to date.
Song #7

Tom Peterson would leave the band for some time to pursue other dreams etc, he would also be credited as the creator of the 12 string bass.He would come back a time later for their successful album "Lap of Luxury" although "The Flame" was a big hit for them-I thought it to be one of their worst albums, finding out later they had little input into it-thats why it sucked.
I will always have a warm place in my heart for this band and all of their contributions to the music world. I look forward to seeing them another 6 times.
Song #8
Rick Neilson has a stage presence unlike any of the other members of the band, they are standing still and Rick is all over the stage always grabbing another guitar from his massive collection. 
He even has one to match his image

Song #9

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Anthony Nadeau

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