Friday, August 10, 2012

CD Review: The Bone Daddies


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                                       Track Listing:
                                 Karma(Drag Me Down)
                                           Don't Go
                                       System Crash
                                        Pizza Girl
                                    Count Your Coins
                                      Bad Reaction 
                                        Bank Job

I need to apologize as I have had a few copies of their album and have only now reviewed it. I am wanting to review more local bands or bands that would like some help with getting their names out there, let me know? My favorite songs on this album are "Don't Go" and "Warden" really bring it home for me. "Count Your Coins" is a fun song.
They are great band to see live and if you are in the Lower Mainland I would suggest coming out to Maple Ridge to see them. They have been on hiatus as their  guitarist was away overseas  but came back last month.

August 18th they will be at "Breastfest" an annual concert in Memorial Peace Park.

They also will be at The Fairview Pub that same evening

At this show they will be making some money for themselves which is long overdue.So if you like live music go to one of these shows, I am sure The Bone Daddies will not disappoint.

The videos are old but will give you an idea as to their sound.

Bone Daddies Facebook Page

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Anthony Nadeau

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