Friday, August 3, 2012

CD Review Gravedigger-EP & CD Reviews

6 Track EP.
Classic Rock/Metal sounding album with power anthem songs like "Metal Will Never Die" shows that they are true to their music. "Ballad of a Hangman" , "Excalibur"  & "Heavy Metal Breakdown" were  all recorded LIVE.
Released July 27, 2012
Classic album cover for metal as well.

God Of Terror kicks the album off starting with a classic beat and vocals. This is a great metal song!

They also have the classic heavy metal look-I really like this band their images and most of all their music, this is good Heavy Metal. If you tire of the nu-metal then this will be your saving grace as they might use all the classic features of a metal band, however they make this all their own!
Here is the performance of "Excalibur" live from their DVD to give you a taste of their music, pounding drums & bass great vocals.

"Medusa" is fantastic song with great guitar work & riffs, kick ass drums this band is tight!They have been a band since the '80's sad to say that as I am hearing them for the first time but I feel fortunate enough to have their two latest as I have read on other sites that this is some of their strongest work in years. I cannot say that but this is some damn fine Heavy Metal!

Walls of Sorrow just came kicking into my headpohnes(it's early here)and this band just keeps kicking ass song after song. Then the chorus happens and the band sings together and has a nice tone to it. They have me hooked now, they have a new dedicated fan in me-they have proven to me  why they have been around for so long, the riff alone on this song is KILLER!!

Here is a video of theirs from a few years back as well.
Warriors Revenge wow-this is such a fantastic metal album, this song should be released as their single I think will garner them alot of new fans like me.

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Anthony Nadeau

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