Sunday, August 26, 2012

CD Review: The Graviators-Evil Deeds(2012)

                        Available: August 31, 2012
Dust off the jean jackets and jeans from the closet folks this band will musically take you back to the music of the past(era 1970's)-the title song is FANTASTIC!
This year is just a stellar year for music-I keep repeating myself in that regard, but it is true.
With the sounds of the era, dare I compare them to any other band that is neither fair to the previous artist even harder for the current band to hold up to the stature of said band.
I will say this-this music holds up on it's own without being classified as a particular type etc, instead just being good music.

Here is their latest video I really enjoyed this album.

Lets just say that they have taken classic elements of the rock/metal genres and made a sound their own, I applaud them.
(Band's Bio)thought this was a good one to use-speaks the truth. The band revitalizes the spirit of the 70´s without sounding like a dusty retro band, because the Swedes skillfully give each track their own character. Besides obvious Hard Rock musical influences THE GRAVIATORS combine various Doom and Stoner Rock elements to give each track a pleasant level of heaviness. Without doubt, THE GRAVIATORS will present themselves to a much larger audience with "Evil Deeds".

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Anthony Nadeau

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