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CD Review: Kaipa-Vittjar(2012)

                                     August 28, 2012

Song Titles:

First Distraction 
Lightblue and Green
Our Silent Ballroom Band 
A Universe of Tinyness  
The Crowned Hillsides 
Second Distration

In this ever present great year of music from these great prog-rock bands here comes yet another one. However, that being said this band was on hiatus from 1982-2002 having started in 1973 they have impressed me.
With the opening song being an instrumental then with the opening chords on the second track and onward this is a great , enjoyable album.
Here is a ten minute video(below) of the recording of the album, looks like they had fun making this album.

I wish them all the success for a good year and let me welcome them back, even though this is my first time hearing this band.

(from their bio)
Kaipa has continued to evolve from album to album regardless of the amount of time between them. Vittjar is the perfect example of this, as it goes well beyond the textbook definition of what makes for progressive rock in this day and age. For all the odd time signatures, syncopated rhythms and instrumental passages that may appear in the songs, there is a prominent folk music influence that can be considered the album’s foundation. From the opener ‘First Distraction’ to the Swedish-sung ‘Vittjar’, the reggae-flavoured ‘Treasure House’ to the up-tempo minuet of ‘The Crowned Hillsides’, it remains an upbeat and completely organic listening experience.

(from band bio)
“It doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll always be placed in progressive rock,” says Lundin. “When I’m writing songs I actually try to avoid a traditional way of writing and playing progressive rock, but at the same time those elements are a part of me and my history. So, I hope the result is something new and fresh. Of course, the special influence of Swedish folk music helps accomplish that, and I think it grows with every Kaipa album.”

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Written & compiled from the bands bio by 
Anthony Nadeau

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