Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Review: Stealing Axion-Moments(2012)

                                     Available August 28/12  

With the release of their first single "Mirage of Hope" I had a feeling this would be a promising release by this band, let me say I was not dissapointed!
With that song leading the opening of the album  and with songs like "Solar" & "Everything or Nothing" to follow that-this was indeed a musical treat to the ears.
There are  some defining moments on this album and if you are fan of this type of music, I doubt you will be let down either.

Overall this is an out of the world album like songs like "Solar" and the vocal approach is vastly different, screaming in parts-then very clean singing with a good melodic tone, then onto more screaming.

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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