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CD Review: Devin Townsend Project-Epicloud(2012)

Breaking trends in heavy music is what this man is all about and he succeeds well with this release, very broad and diverse in the depth of the overall sound and scope.
Having debuted with Strapping Young Lad many years ago he really lit the local metal scene up with his wild vocals and raw energy which he somewhat continues on here.

HIs sound has cleaned up and it cleaner singing for sure but can hear that voice wanting to raise up, and on some songs it does indeed. "More!" is that song on this on this album. This is a man that clearly has a gift for Rock/Metal and I thank him for all the years of great music.

Where else would you see someone have a multipack with a teddy bear?
Listening to "Where We Belong" right now and I have a video of him live 

(From his bio)
Indeed, while portions of Epicloud demonstrate why Townsend is so well-respected in the metal world, the album’s overall aural array of Epicloud actually marks a return to the musician’s melodic rock roots. “It’s really gratifying as a musician to be invited into a 'club', for lack of a better word, that puts technicality and complexity on a pedestal as the pinnacle of musical expression,” Townsend says. “But before I became fascinated with technical music, I was interested in melodic music and simpler songs. For example, I loved Def Leppard, I loved The Eurythmics, I loved Enya, movie soundtracks and so forth. I feel in the past, my love for things that aren't typically encouraged in the heavy metal circles made me hesitant to express my interest in it. Epicloud isn’t necessarily indicative of what I’m going to do in it the future; it was the moment where I allowed myself to put those hesitations aside and just go for it."

That being said that is where I find any artist excels is when they let all their inihabitions fly out the window and just go by the seat of their pants, only feel what's right and to hell with everyone else.
They need to do that to for they are artists first and business people 2nd(or not)What an incredible voice he has that people that don't like this type of music have no idea what they are missing.
This album will be in my top 10 for the year I can easily say that right now --WOW!!

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