Monday, September 17, 2012

CD Review: Feel Never Real-Vs The Sea of Disease(2012)

This is one that does rock well  for me, however there are songs that are not their best-they are better when they sing the heavier songs, ballads are not for them.
But at the same token "Good Enough" is a great song(Ballad)

Here is the video for  "Come Too Far"-a straight up Rock 'n' Roll song

"Drunken Anthem" also really rocks good so if you like no B.S. straight up rock music then I would suggest you check them out.
"Less Hopeless" is also a VERY strong song these guys have allot of promise, thanks for the good tunes. Nice to hear the screaming at the end of that song, great way to close it out.

(From band's bio)
 Feel Never Real was formed in 2004 by Tim Jones (vocals, guitar), Mathew Cass (bass), and Shea Lange (backup vocals, drums). Their sound is hard driving melodic rock; it is fresh, unpredictable, and littered with elements from many musical genres.

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