Thursday, September 13, 2012

CD Review: Hexvessel-No Hollier Temple(2012)

Heaven and Earth Magic 
Woods to Conjure 
Wilderness Is 
A Letter in Birch Bark 
His Portal Tomb 
Elegy to Goyahkla 
Are You Coniferous 
Sacred Marriage 
Dues to the Dolmen 
Unseen Sun 
Your Head is Reeling 

I chose to give this album 5 stars as this is unlike anything else that I have heard in recent memory-haunting and very deep as well.
With an almost haunting sound this band is a different sound than what I had initially expected.
"Woods to Conjure" has me spellbound in its funky jazz feel its calm vocals and tempo. I really enjoy the vocal approach to this album it is very calming and it has very nice background harmonies as well, with the sound of the 70's coming through.

The depth of this album cannot be clearly explained so have a listen for yourself, the album is available to be listened to

Streaming Link for Hexvessel's -No Hollier Temple

Here is their video for "Words to Conjure" showing here that they are not just a rock band but one with a message as well. For those of us that love the beauty of the trees-this is a song(& video) for them.

(from the band's bio)

The front album cover  is by the artist Bastian Kalous and represents the reverence to the native forest and nature that HEXVESSEL wish to raise awareness and preservation of. The themes of the album "are inspired by the work of great men like Scottish-American naturalist and preservationist John Muir and more recent radical environmental advocates Dave Foreman and Howie Wolke," discussing the definition of what makes something holy and sacred.

Frontman and founder Mat McNerney says of the album: “The songs were written specifically to be channeled by a group. This is the sound of a cult, all focused on summoning the same magic, joined in prayer, haunted by the same demons. We actively pushed for a new way to evolve our sound. I purposely strove to make this album a calculated move-on from DawnbearerThis isn't about using symbols of the occult. This is about a way of living that returns the old gods to their rightful place. We're a family that worships nature through word and sound. We hope you will join us."

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Written & compiled by:
Anthony Nadeau

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