Monday, September 17, 2012

CD Review: Katrin The Thrill-Evil Eye Charm(2012)

                 September 10, 2012

 Katerina Panopoulou is an untypically dark indie 
rock/alternative singer/songwriter from Athens, Greece. Her music has 
been described as a cross between PJ Harvey and Radiohead.She started creating music as a 
teenager with friends, and that's when she got the bug. One year later 
when the fledgling band broke up, she got herself her first electric 
guitar and wrote her own songs. During her stay in London, she performed as a solo acoustic artist. In 
2007 under the indissoluble name Katrin the Thrill, she participated 
in the Coca Cola Soundwave competition and won a place among the five 
best music acts.

For the start of the album with the song I cannot help but hear the similarities to her vocals with Maria Del Mar(Lead singer for National Velvet, maybe its just me I don't know.
Her comparisons to that of Patty Smith(Godmother of Punk)
are valid but this is far more of a pop album than something that screams of something important to say.

"Under The Skylight" is a fantastic song and is one of the songs I would suggest that others listen to.

Here is a video of hers from last year:
"Earth is Calling Us"

All in all this an enjoyable album and would like for you to check her out-she has a range that is hard to explain if you liked the video above then have a listen to more of her stuff.

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