Friday, September 28, 2012

CD Review: Monuments-Gnosis(2012)

(From band's bio)

The day has finally come for MONUMENTS. The line up is complete, their debut album “Gnosis” is ready to be unleashed and the London-based pro groove metal quintet has assembled their arsenal ready to challenge the way you look at the world.

This has the typical breaks in the music that you get from allot of younger generation bands that play the nu-metal. Korn started the trend but quite honestly I find that I really do like this album all that being said it does grow on you.
They break up the singing as well clear vocals quickly turn into a scream but that is that type of metal and I like all musically and vocally what is happening here.

"The Collective" is a very aggressive song and man it kicks ass.
This is a good album and if you like heavy metal, check this out!

From Band's Bio

The result is “Gnosis” – nine tracks of thoroughly modern progressive metal that has as many hooks asit does important political messages. The title refers to a higher level of spiritual understanding where one stops to answer the questions about one’s existence rather than ignoring the issues and simply following the crowd. The message is distilled to its essence in “Doxa”. The message is simple: don’t believe everything you’re told; think for yourself.

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