Thursday, September 6, 2012

CD Review: Saturna -The Kingdom of Spirits(2012)

(From the band's bio)

Saturna was formed in November 2010 in Barcelona, Spain as a project to develop some musical ideas by Rod (bassist) with the assistance of the other members of the band.
The experience and musicianship of the band members has been proved over the last 10 years in many gigs and recording sessions.
Saturna’s first album " The Kingdom of Spirit " it is a compilation of these years and has been enriched by the many influences founded in their playing. 
This is the strong point of Saturna; it’s a classic rock band but you cannot include them in any particular genre.

I was contacted by Patrick Pezoa (Lead singer & Director of Seven Snakes Records)to review this, being their first album released I enjoyed this romp back into the acid rock sound.

Morning Star is a great classic sounding song that easily could be mistaken for something that was played on radio in the 1970's.

Below is the Morning Star MP3 video

The vocals are good, this has the Rock 'n' Roll sound , Seven Magic Spells has a repeating chord open the song.
Can definitely hear the influences in this song one of the better songs on the album.

The vocals in this song are similar to that of Jaz Coleman(Killing Joke) in my opinion. 
This all in all is an enjoyable listen some good guitar work.
The title song has a good bass line through out it, vocals better on this one for sure.
Below is the MP3 video for This God is Wicked

This God is Wicked has a great rhythm to it song is full of guitars and drum also catchy! 

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Written & compiled by
Anthony Nadeau

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