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Concert Review: Stone Temple Pilots in Abbotsford BC-September 17th, 2012

Arriving early for the pre-show at the venue proved to be worthy of such things. Celestial Ruin was scheduled to perform at 5:45  on the Rockstar Weekly Stage, however that would be pre-empted by the venue's management as they wanted more people at the arena before their set was to begin. 

With the band waiting I took the opportunity to speak with them and get to know them. Very nice folks-they told me that they were told by STP's management that they were not allowed to sell any of their merchandise at the show as it might take away from STP's sales of their sales.

They patiently awaited their cue and when they started they kicked off the set with "From Beneath" played a great cover of Europe's "Final Countdown" also Eveneseances "Going Under" and The Cranberries "Zombie" with 11 of their own songs they pretty covered all the songs on their debut album "The Awakening" released April 2012.Their set was cut short by one song at the request of Management of the venue.

This is a band that shows a ton of potential and has a vibe with their audience, also has a kick ass singer Larissa Dawn- their music has a wide appeal and with help I think they can really go places.

Celestial Ruin Facebook Page

The centre opened it's doors The Crash Kings were getting ready for their set,they would play a crowd pleasing set with songs like " You Got Me"  & the one that the crowd into their groove with "Mountain Man" with the catchy beat and the energy that they were releasing into the Abbotsford air that evening.

 They would be the fun band for their song "It's Only Wednesday" as alot of the crowd would shout "It's Monday!!".Great group  they exume an incredible amont of talent with their skills for their all around sound. "14 Arms" would show their overall musicainship as the song has so many tempos throughout the song.

So the time had come for the band that all in attendance were there for, patiently as time drew on half hour then an hour had passed.After 10 pm the crowd had grown in their noise whistles, chants for the group started in sections of the arena, which quickly then turned to a major BOO with the crowd showing their distaste for the lack of any response to their chants.

 At 10:15 myself and others around me had grown tired of waiting in the section I was in ,about 15 people had already left prior to me and my friend leaving the venue. I felt it a responsibilty  of the venue to be reporting to the crowd as to what was happening, nothing was said.

It was 10:55 and the band hit the stage no check of mics etc had been done prior to their entrance the people that remained had mentioned on their Tweets and STP's Facebook page that they sounded bad-they also did not give an apology or reason as to their tardiness to their FANS!?.

I have been a fan of theirs since hearing "Sex Type Thing"(1992)‎ so to say I was dissapointed is an understatement -I feel sorry for the people that paid good money to see this show and was unable to stay for the band they all came to see, in all my years I have never seen such unproffesionalism from a band.The word as I can understand is that Abbotsford Entertainment Centre is not giving any refunds as the band being late was not an issue.

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