Friday, September 7, 2012

Paul McCartney Comes Back to Vancouver!!

November 25, 2012!! BC Place Stadium Vancouver BC, Canada.

This is THE most excited I have been in many, many years.
I have been thinking of starting a petition to get him here there was rumors that many years ago that his sound crew came and checked the equipment at BC Place and said it was unsuitable for sound.
Surprised he isn't playing Rogers Arena but its better than not playing here at all.
I kid you not I am listening to his music right now and have goosebumps from excitement about this concert.

Below is Paul's thoughts on touring and still being able to play and sing after all these years

I will say this I have seen countless concerts of this man and own 4  of them-2 thanks to my sister Noelle-I also have the man's autograph from when I went to England many years ago and when there was a Beatles/KISS museum on Seymour Street in Vancouver and the man there took the autograph in the back room for about 5 mins and came back and said it was in fact his autograph and at that time it was worth $300.00 and then asked if I wanted to sell it-all it says is 
All The Best-Paul McCartney-I said I would not sell it for all the money in the world.

This next video is for his song "My Valentine" with Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman-OK big deal he gets movie stars, however they both sign the song for the deaf.

Dance Tonight video:

Ever Present Past video:

I am showing more of his recent stuff as everyone knows what his history of music has been.
This(If I had to pick just one)would be my favorite Beatles song just for the out of character of the rhythm of the song it has your classic tempo for a song and then gets all over the place for the drumming anyways, proof that Ringo Starr can play the drums!

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