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American Mary Wakes Them Up After Dark

Jen & Sylvia Soska aka The Twisted Twins have got lots to smile about these days their film American Mary has caught the world's attention. But now the attention is here back home in Canada Toronto got the lucky break of being the Canadian city that had the premiere of their new film.
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All that being said the film has a few major things to announce


Anchor Bay Canada will distribute American Mary across Canada!
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This film won so many awards last night that I had to write this to share the great news for my friends Jen & Sylvia Soska-they gave me permission to use these photos seen here.

They won awards galore for their work and others involved in one of the most anticipated films of the year(for me).
For any of you out there that saw their first film-Dead Hooker  In A Trunk  you know what I am speaking of for those that have not-go see it, you must.
                              Winners in these Categories

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                                Director & Cinematography

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Best Actress: Katherine Isabelle(Ginger Snaps)
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Best Makeup & FX: Full Crew Below:
Makeup Department
Jon Berezan....lab technician: MastersFX
Jeny Cassady....special effects makeup coordinator: MastersFX
Tim Chappell....key hair stylist (as Timothy James Chappell)
Chris Clarke....lab technician: MastersFX
Stefania De trainee
Chris Devitt....sculptor: MastersFX
Andrea Dulmage....special makeup effects unit assistant: MastersFX
CĂ©line Godeau....key prosthetic makeup artist: MastersFX
Jennifer effects: prosthetics, MastersFX
Amber Makar....key makeup artist
Raj Mariathason....lab technician: MastersFX (as Raj Mariathasan)
Todd effects designer: MastersFX
Yukiyo Okajima....lab technician: MastersFX
Yukiyo Okajima....sculptor: MastersFX
Erin Peters....lab technician: MastersFX
Erin Peters....sculptor: MastersFX
Sarah Pickersgill....sculptor: MastersFX
Owen Pierson....key hair stylist
Werner Pretorius....sculptor: MastersFX
Werner supervisor: MastersFX
Brad Proctor....foam technician: MastersFX
Lori effects: prosthetics, MastersFX
Niki Simpson....first assistant hair stylist (as Nikki Simpson)
Niki Simpson....first assistant makeup artist (as Nikki Simpson)
Bronwyne Sloley....lab technician: MastersFX (as Browyne Sloley)
Amelia effects: prosthetics, MastersFX
Jason effects: prosthetics, MastersFX
 (Source IMDB)

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Congrats to them for all their hard work has paid off I had chances to talk to them when they were filming just little hellos here and there on Facebook and they were so excited about what they were making here is an interview they did recently about the film.

These are what the awards look like

I cannot wait until the Vancouver premiere of this film which I hope is very soon until then I will just have to keep watching the trailer.

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All rights reserved by twistedtwins

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