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CD Review: Beyond All Recognition-Drop=Dead(2012)

October 10, 2012

This gutterall attack on the senses has it's limits for expression for some bands but this band pulls out all the stops with anything that might limit others as they incorporate many sounds including keyboards & synths.
"What We'll Die to Defend" is the song I am mostly speaking of but they songs are very intense and good at the same time.
I tend to think of a cross between "Korn" and early days of "Trivium" I am not comparing their sound to these bands just that they have a lot of energy in their music as well as those bands.

I have grown to like this style of metal and it always better than the Top 40 stuff that is out there these days.

(Band Bio)
They have the ability to crash your party.... if you‘re hanging with your boys listening to shredding metal riffs... well, watch out for the boys putting up their sound system to invade your metal world with bad ass dubstep tunes that will make you spill your beer. Drop.... However, if you feel like a dubstep party is the best place to hang out at - those filthy dudes will scare your hipster girlf
riend with some death metal riffs from hell. Obviously, Beyond All Recognition are a monster designed to bring trouble to wherever they‘re at. Drop... At the same time, their combination of metal, hardcore and dubstep creates a vast intensity that is too exciting to ignore. Instead of creating dubstep remixes of songs that already exist this 5-piece from Sweden lays the foundation on both metal and dubstep. Intense, fresh and heavy as fuck! Drop.... This is the incarnation of Dubcore.

„Drop = Dead“ is scheduled for a release in Europe on September 28th and October 10th in the US/Canada. The band has already toured with bands like We Butter The Bread With Butter, Dead By April, Adept, Engel and many 

more. Watch out for the heaviest drop of the year!

They may all look like they belong in a boy band like The Backstreet Boys but they can tear the house down.I think this picture is clearly mocking that said image-good for them 

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