Friday, October 19, 2012

CD Review: Beyond Threshold-Who We Are(2012)

Very tight and well structured songs is what makes bands like Beyond Threshold stand out amongst the others. Riffs that make you sit up and take notice note changes galore on this album, makes me feel great that there is still some great metal being made today.

If you have ever heard a debut album where you keep thinking with each song, wow these guys are going to go places-this is one of those bands for sure.

Not only are the riffs fresh but the guitar solos are pristine as well and the drumming precise vocals are nice and heavy great bass work throughout the album as well.

Their Cd Release Party is tomorrow October 20, 2012 and the digital release happens Worldwide as well tomorrow.
But someone famous got a copy of it earlier.
Hope this helps their image a bit for them as any push on an artists work helps these days with all the downloading that happens globally of music, movies, books etc. 

This incredible album will be added to my list of one of the better albums of 2012, what an honor to do this and thanks to the labels/artists for allowing me to do it as well.

Really like the lead in for "The Fall for all Opponent's" reminds me of some early Annihilator/Jeff Waters , the guitar work mostly.
The vocal style sounds like Hatebreed as well, just a comparison.

Pick up a copy either at the show tomorrow night if you are at the show tomorrow night here are the dates for their tour:

Oct 20--World Release Party--Cherry Valley , Illinois
Oct 21--With Godforbid & Shadow's Fall-Springfield , Illinois
Oct 26--CD Release Tour, -Bloomington, Illinois 
Nov 17--Cd Release Tour-St  Louis , Missouri  
Nov 23--with Ventana--Urbana, Illinois
Nov 29--with Dope --Janesville, Wisconsin 
Nov 30--with Nonpoint --Battle Creek, Michigan 

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Anthony Nadeau

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sophomore album to Revolution? Agree with other comments!