Sunday, October 14, 2012

British Columbia Talent: CD Review: Celestial Ruin-The Awakening(2012)

Larissa Dawn told me that she  did the makeup for this cover.
This is her lying down and then took the photo.
Prior to the concert starting in Abbotsford BC this Vancouver band took the Rockstar Weekly stage, that is one of the reason's I was there to see this band--wow! they rocked the stage.
I was fortunate to get to talk to them they are such nice people they had quite the set and they are one as a band.

My friend Tazz was with me and after hearing them live and then hearing the CD we agree we did it backwards as they kick total ass Live!  
The album is great but does not do them justice for their live show.

I can feel it now this band is going to be big one day and I will be able to say I saw them when........this is great being a local Vancouver band I wish them all the best.

Now onto the album Larissa Dawn has one of those voices that just keeps amazing you with each song, her range is fantastic!

There is not a song on this album I don't like on this album each song so different than the last, great debut album.
Here is a video for their song;
"Wrath of the Dragon"

The keyboards are haunting in The Hunted I just can't believe I saw this band for FREE! 

We all in the lower mainland need to get out and support them and other local talent!

Thursday Oct 18, 2012
Joe' s Apartment

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
The Roxy

Saturday November 24, 2012
Ironworks Gallery

Another video this one is for :

This being their debut album I hate to push them but I look forward to hearing more from this band and seeing them live more often.

If you are seriously wanting a band that rocks!
Support them, go to their shows and buy their music.
You can buy it from the band at any of their shows.

Thank you for reading this
Hope you come back again
Till Next Time
Anthony Nadeau

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