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CD Review: Evocation--Illusions of Grandeur(2012)Updated!

(from band's bio)

“Guitars tuned in B-flat since 1991” is a phrase Evocation guitarist Marko Palmén uses to illustrate his band’s place in the bygone times of Swedish death metal. He’s not bragging but merely stating a fact.Evocation were there when it mattered. Sure, the Swedes have had a bifurcated existence—fizzling in 1993 but officially reanimating in 2005—but as the saying goes, what does kill death metal only makes it stronger. In fact, few bands have ever come back to plague the denizens of death metal quite likeEvocation. With four full-lengths, the newest of which is the bewilderingly barbarous and Century Media Records debut Illusions of Grandeur, in five years, the group has a work rate that’s second to none. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Death Metal sure, but also good metal is what seems to be missing from their bio as well.With strong pounding riffs and kick ass drums, bass holds it all together -then the vocals start and one of the demons start singing, who says angels are the only ones that know how to sing?

The blasting of eardrums that is what this band intends I am sure but they sure know how to play their instruments.
Here is their title track to the album below:

This is what I love about what I do here is that I am getting to hear all this great music, I thank you all.

With each track I am increasingly becoming more of a fan of this band "Metus Odium" is probably my favorite song just for the awesome drum work. The riff is worthy of being copied.

When Palmen  states: “I think the new album is the one which comes closest to the essence of what Evocation really is.” that says lots about this album.

Recorded, mixed and produced at IF Studios and Evocation Studios by Roberto Laghi (In Flames) and Evocation respectively, Illusions of Grandeur is yet another brilliant example of Evocation spit-polishing Swedish death metal with blood, sweat, and determination. Whereas Dead Calm Chaos had Anders Björler and Dan Swanö as guests, so too does Illusions of Grandeur. The mighty Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth roars on “Into Submission”. Also, Michal Xaay Loranc returns from his Apocalyptic stint as cover artist to haunt Illusions of Grandeur.(Band bio)

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