Tuesday, October 16, 2012

British Columbia Talent--CD Review: The Jardines-Someone's Stolen Tuesday

CD Available:
October 20, 2012

Song Titles:
Someone's Stolen Tuesday
All Fall Down
I Want More
Crazy World
5 Years Ago
Blame it on the Kiss
Beautiful Sadness
You're No Good For Me
So What If...
Waste On You

Now I will admit I am not your biggest country fan in the world but I can appreciate good music, that's all that counts in the end.
In the 1980's I was a fan of Kenny Rogers, Mel McDaniel then in the 90's I went and saw The Judd's Farewell Tour where they had Garth Brooks first album was just released prior to the tour, also Pirates of the Mississippi.

Now fast forward to 2012 and I had met Cherelle on Facebook and from there a good friend has been found. The end of Sept I asked her if she had a CD she would like reviewed and without hesitation she sent it to me. Telling me when I got the CD that she is only sending to only ten people/magazines. Putting it in my player I was mesmerized by the voices, purely beautiful. Nothing in the range of a Celine Dion but this is not that style of music-that's what makes this better, less is more(for me)
This is really a nice album to listen to a pleasant listen for all the Rock/Metal that I listen to most of the time.

I had the pleasure of getting to make them a video this past week, getting the rights from a band to use their property -song and the majority of the pictures used in the video. They had nothing previous to promote their music. I would like to share that with you now and enjoy their music.

I have listened to all types in my life and their are some that stand out better for me as for all I am sure. This has been an incredible journey I have been on with this blog. Getting to hear all this great music from these artists.
"Blame it on the Kiss" is a great song, the music happening is great. If you are in the lower mainland they are having a CD release party this coming Saturday night here are the details below.

"You're No good for me" is also a catchy song  and the lyrics speak volumes on this whole album, what a treat I got to listen prior to the release of this album. I hope this does well for them they deserve the success.

This band is from Richmond BC, Canada and I am really excited to see them this Saturday.

Thank you for reading this
Hope you come back again
Till Next Time
Anthony Nadeau

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