Friday, October 26, 2012

CD Review: The Morningbirds-The Quickening

Well if you judged this album cover by what you thought what music might be on here-you are probably right. This is very hippie inspired music where exploration of instruments was encouraged and quite simply that is sometimes better.

If you were to put yourself into a time capsule and gone back in time I think this is one album that might be the soundtrack, simple but pleasurable listening nothing invasive at all.

Sit ins and love ins keep filling my head as I hear more of this music-there seems to be a trend here, nicely sung vocals, harmonies and great use of instruments.

This group consists of Jennifer Thorington and her partner Samuel Markus-which they both run Working Brilliantly Records. The  album also has many artists and vocalists that are too many to mention here. 

The album also has 22 songs that give you a very mellow feeling as well-just as the album cover is yellow.

There is some really enjoyable songs on this album "Resonance" is one I keep going back to.

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Till Nest Time
Anthony Nadeau

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