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CD Review: Yurei's Night Vision(2012)

October 29, 2012

YUREI's Night Vision follows 2010's critically acclaimed Working Class Demon. Building on the same expression as that first album and venturing further into the weird, YUREI's Night Visiontakes it all so much further and travels into a landscape of his own: twisted, progressive, Lynchian tracks with hectic Balkan-inspired outbursts going off inside the dissonant but still melancholic and driven rock. This is night music interpreted by of one of Norway's most gifted composers: all music is written, performed, and recorded by Bjeima, a multi-talented musician working with several groups, all of them in different ways stemming from or building upon Norwegian avant-rock or post-black metal mindset and instrumentation, from playing bass in Virus to being the sole creator and performer in Alfa Obscura and The Ghost Conspiracy as well as YUREI and also being the drummer and a key contributor in -M-, Swarms, and Delirium Bound.
If there ever was this would be the album to call something experimental jazz-fusion metal, that's the best way to describe it fully from my perspective.
Its like Tom Waits meets Primus meets Devo/Pat Methany.

Jazz is an experimental musical expression and I think we have found a new sub-culture of music, very interesting indeed. There are so many different sounds one can bring to the table when they try to break musical barriers. "The Cognitive Crack" is such an interesting rhythm and the vocal styling of one David Byrne(The Talking Heads).

This is an album not easily explained nor easily listened to as it sounds very improvisational , for that I applaud his versatility as an artist and his self respect to put out something that is totally his and his alone-that takes guts indeed.

This is quite easily one of THE most unique recordings I have ever heard considering he is playing all the music himself like an artist that paints alone he is at his easel and drawing a fantastic picture in my head.

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