Monday, October 8, 2012

EP Review: Pigeon Park-Pigeon Park(2012)

This band from Vancouver, BC has a nice rock and roll sound to them.

Band Bio:

Played at the 420 festival(2010-2012), played Cannabis day in Vancouver(2011 and 2012), played at Golden Spike Days Festival (2012)chosen as a top 20 finalist for 99.3 FOX seeds 2012 out of 500 bands,  FOX seeds is a contest that has sprung the careers of artists like Bryan Adams, Bif Naked, Matthew Good Band etc.
-Toured nationally twice (2011, 2012)

"It's Not Likely" can and will probably be compared to that of The Barenaked Ladies, could be worse.
Their sound is not new however the vocal style is somewhat different than what you might expect. It is a refreshing sound again brought lively  by Pigeon Park.

This is their EP and I wish them all the best for great sales.I was sent this album a while back it got lost in the shuffle of all the others-that is the reason this review is happening now. Better late than never, they deserve some more of a push.
"Only Us Fools" is my favorite song on the CD, bluesy and totally offbeat, great song!!
"Hopeless" is fantastic as well.

Here is a look into the recording of this EP

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