Sunday, October 28, 2012

EP Review:Dark Tranquillity:Zero Distance(2012)

(Band's Bio)
A musical phenomenon born back in the early 90’s, Swedish Melodic death metal has had a huge impact on all kinds of modern heavy music and along with country mates In Flames and At The Gates, Gothenburg’s DARK TRANQUILLITY have defined the genre like no one else. With a unique sense for combining catchy, hard hitting metal with daring progressive elements they have developed a trademark sound hailed by fans and critics alike and have built a worldwide army of loyal supporters over the past 20 years!
This is sadly the first time I have heard this band-finding so many great bands this way.

For a blinking minute when the vocals started I thought this was a new band for Angela Gossow(Arch Enemy)that is a compliment as she has one of the best metal voices out there.

This is more than just a screaming band there are melodic crescendo's and song depths with guitars, pianos and harmonies in the background.

This is a band that has some elements all its own and with the metal scene growing so much bigger than it ever was when I was growing up I am envious of my younger metal heads.

This is yet another band that I have had the pleasure of being able to review their album.Getting to hear more heavy bands doing this is like a dream come true.

This video is from their earlier release this same year. The album is "We Are The Void"(Century Media).

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