Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hallowe'en Countdown: Day 1-October 21, 2012

July 16 10:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
Washington D.C.

Once upon a time we had a love affair with fire, the president of the United States thought as the match that he'd just struck to light his pipe flared beneath his fingers.

That short paragraph had me hooked and from there on I was at the mercy of his writing 956 pages later. I turned back to the start of the book and started all over again each time I have read that book it brings out more,  sure the words are always the same-but there is something real in the words written in each of his books.
Each book of his is in my collection even though he has left the horror genre his writing is still as fresh and clear as the first time I read Baal or The Wolf's Hour etc.
Buying all the books that had a short story in it or even audio books(2) I also subscribed to his short lived newsletter  that was sent by mail.

The difficult part being that he lives in the United States is that he does not make it up to Canada often but I would be fortunate enough in 2009 that he would attend the Surrey International Writer's Conference(that is happening again this very weekend).
Knowing that he was there I took the day off work and attended the free part of the weekend event and met alot of other writers that day-most of all Robert McCammon bringing the first book I had ever read of his "Swan Song" to the latest book(that year)"The Queen of Bedlam" and luckily got them signed by him.

I was intrigued by all of his stories there were a few that were not favorites of mine-but his storytelling is second to none I prefer his writing over Stephen King- I am also a huge fan of Clive Barker.

 These are all books of his I do not own yet and have not read. Dropped the ball with these titles.
I have requested an interview with him but he was busy touring and doing press for The Providence Rider 

I remain a loyal reader and have to finish a book a friend of mine she gave me 
Feeders by Anita Viljoen

Thank you for reading this
Till Next Time 
Anthony Nadeau

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