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Live At The Rickshaw October-November 2012

Please Note:
All Shows Are 19+

Just thought I would do this as a show of appreciation for what a good bunch of people that work there also this is great intimate place this is to see a show, if you go tell them you saw this here!?
Most of all enjoy the show!

Rickshaw Halloween Party
Hosted by Vancouver's most dangerous darling, Little Miss Risk.
We will be having a costume contest judged by Little Miss Risk, prizes include booze, booze and...booze!
Also, the exclusive premiere of a brand new Anchoress video for an unreleased track!

November 1st
Live at Rickshaw and Lifetime Collective present:

The Sea and Cake, and Matt Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces
The Sea and Cake

Sam Prekopp and Archer Prewitt, two of indie-rocks brightest musical minds, have been making music together for over 20 years. With Chicago heavyweights John McEntire and Eric Claridge rounding out the rhythm section, The Sea and Cake are possessed of a confidence that only two decades of camaraderie and collaboration can afford.

Fusing vintage Afro and Tropicalismo guitar wizardry with jazz-inspired beats and hooky grooves, The Sea and Cake lie at the epicenter of post-rock experimentation and are credited with crafting the “Chicago Sound”.

The band releases their 10th studio album, Runner, this fall via Thrill Jockey. Don’t miss your chance to see these masters at work, live at The Rickshaw Theatre on November 1st.

November 2nd
La Ti Da Records and The Georgia Straight presentt
The Fall Down Get Down featuring
Death, Tiger High, Fist City, Sex Church
Back in 1971, the brothers Hackney created a band that embraced their Motor City roots. With a sound more MC5 than Motown, more Alice Cooper than Edwin Starr, they unwittingly recorded some of the most coveted proto-punk in record collecting nerdom. Thirty-eight years later, the recordings would receive a second life through an acclaimed 2009 Drag City reissue that brought Death to a whole new fevered audience. With guitarist Bobbie Duncan, surviving brothers Bobby & Dannis Hackney have kept busy in the three years since. The documentary “A Band Called Death” is showing in film festivals across America and brand new recordings are slated for this winter.

Supporting Death in this rare Western Canadian/Pacific Northwest date are Tiger High (Memphis, TN), Fist City (Lethbridge, AB), and locals Sex Church.

This all goes down as part of The Fall Down/Get Down, Nov 1st-4th. Wristband priority with limited tickets available at the door.

November 3rd
La Ti Da Records and The Georgia Straight present

Pointed Sticks, Balantynes, Tranzmitors, Greenback High
A Farewell to The Pointed Sticks.

A Vancouver institution since 1978. Nov 3rd will be The Pointed Sticks final performance. ‘nuff said.

Supporting this decidedly Vancouver-centric send off are special guests The Ballantynes, The Tranzmitors, Chains of Love and Greenback High

This all goes down as part of The Fall Down/Get Down, Nov 1st-4th. Wristband priority with limited tickets available at the door.

The Pointed Sticks
The Tranzmitors
Watch their video for 'Glamour Girls' here.
Chains of Love
Watch their video for 'He's Leaving with Me'here.
Greenback High
Watch their video for 'I Wanna Get a Job in the City' here.

November 4th
Live at Rickshaw presents

Lost Lander

November 9th
The Invisible Orange and Scrape Records present:
Municipal Waste

Virginia’s crossover thrashers Municipal Waste are set to share the stage and create the atmosphere they’re so well known for: loud, rowdy, and disorderly. Having said to have drawn influence from bands such as DRI and Suicidal Tendencies their sound combined with audience antics will prove to be nothing short of a party. To date Municipal Waste have released 4 full length albums, the latest having been released earlier this year titled “The Fatal Feast.”
Napalm Death
Formed in the early 80’s and known for their aggressive playing, deep guttural vocals, and fast tempos, English grindlegends Napalm Death are returning to Vancouver for a night of chaos. Having released 15 albums spanning over their career, and the latest having been released earlier this year titled “Utilitarian,” Napalm Death have maintained the reputation of heavily influencing the grindcore scene.
Gore infused Death /grind band Exhumed hail from San JoseCalifornia. They’re most known for embracing the old school death metal sound and combining it with grindcore. They’ve released multiple demos, EP’s and Splits, and 5 full lengths.
Dayglo Abortions
Local from Victoria BC, Dayglo Abortions’ sound combines elements of hardcore punk and crossover thrash. The bands lyrical content embraces a complete disregard for societal norms.
Sponsored by, ABORT Magazine and Absolute Underground.

November 10th

Five Alarm Funk, with guests Bananafish Dance Orchestra
Five Alarm Funk

It's been an amazing summer. We released our 4th album, toured across Canada twice, perfected the art of sleeping on the floor of the van, and met many great new people. BUT, playing for the home crowd is always the most special.
Joining us will be some nice young gentlemen from the Island calledBananafish Dance Orchestra. I've seen these guys, and they put on a kick-ass show. 

Loot - A Tribute to Tool, with special guest
"The four of us came together in late 2006 motivated by our love for listening to and playing Tool's music. The set lists vary but always comprise a mix from Tool's music catalogue, from back in '92 from the first E.P. all the way up to 10,000 Days.The band is creating a stir amongst live music enthusiasts - and particularly with Tool fans, who are some of the most unforgiving critics! - through our ability to not only perform this awesome music, but also to capture its raw energy. In contrast with our other individual original music pursuits, Loot is motivated simply by putting on the greatest live show possible. Come see us play!"

November 24th
Perryscope Concerts, Vogue Productions and CiTR presents:
GALLOWS are finally ready to unleash the next phase of their punk rock attack on the world with the highly-anticipated release to their successful Grey Britain album (2009). The self-titled LP is set for release on September 11, 2012 via the band’s own label Venn Records, an exclusive signing to Universal Music Canada, the country’s largest music company.
Gallows is notably fronted by Wade MacNeil, the former guitarist/vocalist of JUNO and four-time Platinum award winning Alexisonfire. MacNeil took over with a vengeance after former front man Frank Carter left the band last August. Rounding out the band are Stephen Carter (guitar), Laurent Barnard (guitar), Stuart Gili-Ross (bass), and Lee Barratt (drums).
The latest album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by long-term friends Thomas Mitchener and Steve Sears at Broadfields Studio in Watford in May this year. “We made this record self-titled as it musically defines the band known as Gallows as we exist today,” explain the band. “This is our statement of intent, our laugh in the face of those who said Gallows were done when in reality we're just warming up,” they continue. “We couldn't feel more vindicated and proud.”
Gallows are ready and fired-up to take their new album on the road. Known for putting on a killer live show, the band will bring their addictive, raucous energy to Canada in November, following their UK run (dates below). Montreal’s Barn Burner has been announced as main support. A free download of the new, ferocious track ‘Last June’ is available from Kicking off with a pounding fuzzed-out bass and drum attack, the song gives listeners a taste of what’s to come.

November 30th
Dating Myself, Previous Tenants, One Life Animal, Hermetic
Dating Myself - Album Release Party
90s alternative rock band, Dating Myself, are celebrating their long awaited album, "Fine, There". 16 years in the making, "Fine, There" delivers an onslaught of guitar driven grunge rock with intriguing, intricate rhythms and left turns that keep the audience on edge. Original members Laurda (guitar/vocals), Jessi* (bass) and J6en (drums), burst onto the West Coast grunge scene in ’96…well, as much as you can burst while on second stage Lollapalooza fame.

The girls claim they have been sent here by record mogul/am ateur inventor/Mayan prophecy follower Doc Vig to record their first full length album and gather research on 2012's futuristic trends before the end of days. Doc Vig offered the band a record deal in exchange for testing out his AWESOME Bill-and-Ted-inspired time machine. No way!? YES WAY!

After much confusion with new technology and a moment of silence for the passing of cassettes, CDs, and record stores, Dating Myself is staying true to their 90s sound. Prepare to have your longjohns blown off your memory-grapes and your evenflow disrupted…Dating Myself are back. To us. Even though they sort of never realized they went anywhere.

Previous Tenants

One Life Animal


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