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Movie Review: The Haunting of Whaley House(2012)

Here is one that I was really pleasantly surprised by there are alot of scenes we have seen before but this works on so many different levels. For starters the music helps the film get away from the B-films that this studio is known for at least for 90 minutes.

Four friends gather around in a local graveyard and speak of things that are not scary like women's nipples. Then the conversation turns to the local haunted house that has been turned into the tourist attraction because of the history of it. They make a plan to sneak in as one of the four works there, but forgetting what her co-worker  told her earlier is do not enter the house at night.
Some history here of the house and it's hauntings:
As this film is "based" on true events.
(From Wikipedia)

In the 1960s, The Whaley House was designated as an official Haunted House by the United States Commerce Department. The only other official haunted house in California is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA. According to the Travel Channel's show America's Most Haunted, out of all the haunted houses in the United States, the Whaley House is the number one most haunted. The Whaley House grounds was reportedly haunted even before the house was built and the family moved in. The first ghost to be reported was the ghost of James "Yankee Jim" Robinson who was hanged in 1852. He was hanged on the property that was the site of a gallows before Thomas Whaley purchased the property and built the house. According to the San Diego Union, after the Whaley family moved in, they heard the sound of heavy footsteps moving around the house and concluded that these footsteps were made by "Yankee Jim". Years later, many visitors to the house said that they saw the ghost of Thomas Whaley. A former keeper of the house mentioned that a little girl waved to a man who was standing in the parlor, but others did not see the man.
Moreover, four members of the Whaley family died in the house, including Anna Whaley. The ghost of Anna Whaley has been reported by visitors in the garden or in the rooms located downstairs. Furthermore, some visitors claimed that they have seen an apparition of a woman in the courtroom, but the description of her did not fit any of the Whaleys.
In the 1960s, psychic, Sybil Leek, felt a presence of a young girl. She was believed to be the great grand-daughter of Thomas and Anna Whaley, Marion Reynolds. While visiting the Whaley House with her parents in 1913, she accidentally ingested ant poison while playing in the dining room, and died on the ride to her family home in Oceanside. She was just 10 days shy of her third birthday at the time. Her hauntings are typically experienced in the dining room and she is particularly drawn to women and girls, who have reported feeling tugging on their clothing or grabbing of their hands or legs. Not only is the Whaley House a home for the family even after they had died, it is also a home for their dog. A spirit of a dog was captured; the apparition of the dog was caught running into the dining room in the house. The Whaley family used to own a terrier named Dolly Varden. The dog died of natural causes and is said to lick people's toes or legs and is mostly seen by young children.

Here is a video that takes you on a tour of The Whaley House quite interesting indeed.
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I really enjoyed this film allot this is one of the better films that this studio has released this year-seeing as I have only seen a handfull of the films that they have released but out of what I have  seen lately this and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies. I would disagree with the review on the front cover that it is Really Disturbing, but it is convincing and the actors are all good in their roles.

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