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Movie Review: Hold Your Breath(2012)

January 22, 2013

Story Synopsis: 
A group of friends on a road trip explore a cemetery where the ghost of a notorious serial killer jumps from body to body, killing his victims one by one.

The movie starts with an execution of a man that once was a preacher that did some heinous crimes before the day we see him.
The warden tells us of his crimes while he is slowly released from his cell and escorted for his last walk.

Once that is all said and done we switch to modern day settings and a group of friends that fit the typical setting for your group of young people out for a camping adventure, with a switch their leader has told them no cell phones etc and locks them in the glove compartment.
While heading there they pass a graveyard and are told that they have to "Hold Your Breath" for if there is a soul that is even to evil for hell it lurks  upon Earth waiting for bodies to possess.

They have a  slight interruption while driving to their location
one of the men has to go pee and finds an old hospital for the criminally  insane. There are two that naturally walk away from the others and they all think they are going to have sex. So of course the remainder of the group follow suit and go off together to find them.

There is a brutal scene where a police officer is tortured by having jumper cables put on his groin and then covered in gas, when he tries to get away and start up the car-then the torture begins.
There are some elaborate killing scenes when the young woman is killed that actually bothered me just the way it was played out so in that regard it worked.

This film worked for so many different reasons the actors were well cast, the actors played their parts well. The directing was good & the music was well placed. Even the death scenes were quite well-really the woman in the above pic gets brutally taken out.
This is definitely my favorite film from The Asylum that I have seen so far even beats out "Abraham Lincoln VS Zombies" which prior to this  was my favorite one.

This film is what My Soul to Take should/could have been if they had hired more convincing actors.

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Anthony Nadeau

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