Thursday, October 4, 2012

Movie Review: Shark Week(2012)

In a film that can be only compared telling of "Jaws Meets Saw" in a very similar tale it is also what the back cover of the movie compares it too.
I have just received this film much later than its initial release date of August 4th, however that being said how does the film hold up?
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There is a group of people that are randomly selected at first but then there is an underlying theme-they have been brought here as a group as they are all in some way connected to the death of Tiberon's(Patrick Bergin) son.
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He and his evenly crazy girlfriend Elena(Yancy Butler)have this thrill of feeding these folks to sharks. The sharks are bad CGI which in turn hurts the performances of the actors, as they are trying to hurt or perform to something that isn't there.
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While being able to get an actual prototype to swim in the waters doesn't always work and the cost is major for a small studio such as this one. It still might pay off better than just going for full CGI.
There are areas they have to maneuver out of to get ahead with each "trap" they encounter another species of shark.
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The characters are varied and typical of this type of film where there is someone who indistinctly takes over and the others that follow and one that questions all their decisions.
If you are looking for a standard survival film if you have seen "The Poseidon Adventure" then this film is almost a carbon copy is many aspects.
Like a previous film that this studio has released before there are endless scenes of just walking no dialogue or any pure reason to have one of the award for the THE WORST  EDIT EVER.
The scene is the group are on a stranded island and they walk towards the camera-then they are back at the start of frame, then they are closer, back to the start etc the films kind of starts to fall apart after that.

Patrick Bergin starred in one of my all time favorite films "Mountain of the Moon" the adventures of Richard Burton(not the actor) & John Hanning Speek and their discovery of The Nile.
I was let down by yet another film from The Asylum but they do get better, wait and see!

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