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New Music Videos! Oct , 2012

Catching up on some old news here folks but there are some videos I need to send out and this was the best way I could think of.

In 2012 Nashville, TN based rock band Throwing Gravity is definitely on the move. Putting together an action packed summer of shows and festivals that will carry over into the fall. The guys are determined to put their stamp on the music business. Throwing Gravity is ready to take on any challenges and look to keep building momentum.

-Played at the 420 festival(2010-2012), played Cannabis day in 
Vancouver(2011 and 2012), played at Golden Spike Days Festival (2012)
-chosen as a top 20 finalist for 99.3 FOX seeds 2012 out of 500 bands, 
FOX seeds is a contest that has sprung the careers of artists like 
Bryan Adams, Bif Naked, Matthew Good Band etc.
-Toured nationally twice (2011, 2012)

Asiago are an alternative/indie rock band from Trondheim, Norway. For 
their debut album "A Daring Smoothie", the band chose to use an 
external producer to get an objective view. Almost all members of 
Asiago are big fans of the Norwegian rock legends, Motorpsycho, and 
when HÃ¥kon Gebhardt (ex-drummer of Motorpsycho) agreed to be their 
producer/engineer, the spirits within the band rose.

The album was released in March 2010 and the band promoted it by 
playing local gigs before a mini tour of the southern part of Norway, 
and also the two biggest festivals in the middle part of Norway at the 
time, Storåsfestivalen and Steinkjerfestivalen.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, the band makes a sound echoing the philosophy 
contained in its name. Even though they are influenced by classic and 
modern bands like Led Zeppelin and Muse, Fleeting Circus aims to 
create a unique sound for the beginning of the 21st century. The 
dissonance and earnest aspects of their sound are reminiscent of acts 
like Chore, Deftones, Jeff Buckley and Sunny Day Real Estate.

The Dream World Of Magic EP has two songs that made history in the 
first edition of the Yamaha Brazilian Beat festival, "Fake Station" 
and "Underground".

The Roman legion EX DEO continues its unstoppable campaign with the new musical opus "CALIGVLA". Under the leadership of the charismatic and vocally highly talented commander Mauriozio Iacono (also the frontman of KATAKLYSM), the band once again dedicates the album to the rich history of Ancient Rome and focuses particularly on  the brutal and bloodthirsty time of Emperor Caligula. Fitting the historic content, the long player turns out to be a merciless and furious metal machine, with bombastic soundtrack parts and a  phenomenal orchestra providing the finishing touches to this masterpiece. The driving rhythms match the steps of a marching army ready to conquer the world! Nobody and nothing is strong and brave enough to resist the might of "CALIGVLA"! Rome will be victorious, long live Epic Roman Metal!

Below is TESSERACT's new single, "Nocturne."  Taken from their upcoming 2013 release, "Nocturne" is the first recording to be heard with new vocalist Ashe O'Hara on the mic.

Century Media Signs Voi Vod!!

In case you are not familiar with Voi Vod here is a great cover of a Pink Floyd song. 

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