Monday, November 19, 2012

CD Review: Finsterforst-Rastlos(2012)

(Band's Bio)
The nature-loving warriors hailing from the German Black Forest release their fourth album "Rastlos" ("Restless") and offer the listener their definite masterpiece so far. The five mighty and overlong songs present themselves as a sweeping diversity of melodies and moods. FINSTERFORST combine melancholic folklore, untamed Black Metal fury with majestic soundscapes, thus giving the songs a hypnotic dynamic. This particular effect is strengthened by the sophisticated and fitting use of authentic instruments like the accordion or a full horn section. The great vocal work add to this result and range from grim vocals to proud choirs. All these ingredients make "Rastlos" an intensive adventure, just like wandering through the enthralled and mystical places of the Black Forest. A majestic and epic masterpiece!

Does this year get any better for music and all the greatness I have had the pleasure of hearing this is like icing on the cake for this incredible structure of sounds resonating through the eardrums with power and might and above all great story-telling with fantastic music to back it up.
The great creeping of the structure of the song the building of tempos and crescendos.

This is such a diverse played album that just the music alone is a great reason to like this album, even if you are like me and cannot understand a word they are saying - music is Universal.This has such a broad spectrum of music played that one cannot just listen without being in awe!
I cannot stress enough how good this album is and hope that this helps a little bit in terms of them selling more albums but I know that there is a limited audience out there for their style of music, or is there?

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