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CD Review: Geoff Tate-King & Thieves(2012)

"Take A Bullet" the second song on the album really kicks it into high gear great song, vocals as only we know Geoff can sing them.
Goeff Tate is the lead singer of Queensryche who's album "Operation Mindcrime" is considered to be one of the best rock albums of all time.

“I wanted to rock,” says the Queensryche frontman quite pointedly about his debut album for InsideOut Music. “My first solo album was more introspective, and the goal was to show my influences that weren’t as obvious on Operation: Mindcrime. Having done that, I didn’t feel l needed to do it again – my goal with this record was to make a solid rock album. I wanted it to be an album that I could play live that would be both satisfying and fun, because, as a singer, you need to create a show that has a lot of dynamics to it and takes people on a ride. I’m always thinking about the show, and there need to be peaks and valleys, not just a steady line.”

Now the video above I had seen some comments about this song on another site about how he is reliving the "Empire" album in terms of writing about abuse of power etc well the world really has not changed all that much if any-the rich get richer and the poor, well there are more homeless people everywhere you look now isn't there? Our society is growing and the Governments of the world are doing a poor job of looking after everyone.Look at the sit ins of the 99% he covers that on the song "The Way I Roll"
I applaud him myself this may not win him awards but he is clear where he stands on this planet and not singing about his "Baby".

(Geoff's Bio)

With America in the midst of one of the most expensive presidential elections in the country’s history, “Dark Money” hits particularly hard, and also gave the album its name (“Kings & Thieves” was the track’s working title). “I think, generally, people in the United States – and all over the world – are getting upset with how big the class difference is between the rich and the rest of us. It’s such a drastic difference – people are counting their pennies and losing their homes, while others are multi-millionaires and giving their money to political action groups. I’m not really a political person, but I am interested in social commentary and what happens to people because of politics, and ‘Dark Money’ is about how things that are important to everyday people, politicians look to as little more than pawns in a chess game.”

"Say You Luv It" is a fantastic song vocals expertly sung by Mr Tate. Tight song writing throughout this album I am again pleased by his vocal prowess.

On Tour:

11/04/12 – Minneapolis, MN @  Mill City Lights
11/07/12 - Calgary, AB, Canada @ Southern Jubilee Auditorium (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/08/12 - Saskatoon, SK, Canada @ TCU Place (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/09/12 - Moose Jaw, SK, Canada @ Mosaic Place (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/11/12 - Medicine Hat, AB, Canada @ Medicine Hat Arena (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/13/12 - Dawson Creek, BC, Canada @ Encana Events Centre (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/14/12 - Edmonton, AB, Canada @ Northern Jubilee Auditorium (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/16/12 - Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre (*with Alice Cooper) 
11/17/12 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven 
11/21/12 - San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live 
11/23/12 - Dallas, TX @ Trees 
11/24/12 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live 
11/27/12 to 12/1/12 - Shiprocked

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