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CD Review: Time & Energy-Strange Kind Of Focus(2012)


                 November 16, 2012

1. Hot Air

2. Thought Forms

3. Tree Salad

4. Breakdown

5. Split Clean

6. Da Da Da

7. Sitting on a Scale

8. O'Molly

9. Think it Through

10. Acid Jam

Experimental does not quite put into light the diversity or uniqueness from this band(or duo)
Where the world is so consumed by being able to label every band that comes out these days-good luck here.

(Band Bio)
California's Time and Energy, two friends have teamed up to form a 
dynamic duo, utilizing a smorgasbord of instruments and looping techniques to concoct a unique cocktail of experimental rock. Part live performance and part pre-recorded samples and loops, the pair of 
childhood friends perpetually generate a wall of powerful, yet balanced sounds as they ready their new LP Strange Kind of Focus.Formed out of the ashes of a 4-piece rock band, Jorge Rios and Brennan Roach picked up where their departed band mates left off, deciding to assume control of all musical duties in their absence. Vocals, guitar, bass, keys and percussion fall into Rios' capable hands, while his counterpart Roach contributes equal parts drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys and clarinet. Coupled with their mastery of loops and samples, the duo builds songs into grandiose crescendos, inviting new dimensions and rhythms to the musical party which would otherwise be impossible.
"Split Clean" is one weird song with so much going on
distortion, voices of many variances Frank Zappa kind of obscure playing offbeat, off tempo varied and strange.

"O' Molly" is  the best song on the album for me great groove with a bopping bass line, whistles galore ,fuzzy guitar work, song was too short.

This is another addition to what will be one of the better albums just for being so different, also sounds like they went back in time for alot of these inspired sounds.

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