Monday, November 5, 2012

CD Review: Zodiac-A Bit of Devil(2012)

If this is to be our last year on this earth I cannot think of a better year for music if you are able to hear the bands I have had the pleasure of hearing this year.
I am not talking of one song that has made it onto mainstream radio more like the Independent or Collage/University radio.
This is one of the bands this year that has done that for me also where the review dial might go to another star.
There is an incredible amount of talent here that is soo hard to get across in a review-this is absolute timeless music-sure there are those that will say they have stolen elements from others etc-but this as a whole is a musical blessing for they have garnered a new fan. For those of out there that know me you know how loyal I am when I really take on a band-I take them on and accept their music for all its worth. This is one of those bands that it an absolute pleasure to hear and review.

The best part of all of this I had emailed Prosthetic Records just last night about maybe doing some reviews for them-this is one I got on the list of a number of albums today!
Thanks to Kelly!!
This video gives you some idea into the album itself.

Band Bio:

Once Drummer Janosch Rathmer (Long Distance Calling) started jamming with guitar-wizard Nick van Delft in 2010 both decided that the songs that rose from their sessions had to meet the ears. So they soon joined forces with Stephan Gall (Guitar) and Robert Kahr (Bass, Organ) (both play also in Rocketchief) to form the blues driven, heavy and sometimes psychedelic rock-formation that should go by the name of ZODIAC.

Thank you for reading this
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Anthony Nadeau

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