Sunday, November 18, 2012

EP Review: Lauren Harding-Heart In A Box(2012)

Wow what a treat for me I had been following Lauren on Facebook and she just posted some reviews of her EP, so I asked her how could I review it-long story short she sent it to me.
What a treat!

There is a great blend of music also where she has a mix of vocals ranging from Gwen Stefani to Amy Winehouse. A great jazzy/blues mix with "Poison".

Not to put pressure on her but these are merely comparisons she/others may disagree with my statement but she has a comparable range, not pop music styling-this is deeper than that.

She has a style her own like keeping the opening for "Sunset" then into the great mixing of voices for the backups with the great beat as well, this is fantastic stuff folks-and surprise coming from me this is not heavy metal music.

She is stunning in her video "Shooting Stars" I was hanging on every word in the song, such control of her voice-the background piano keeping the harmony for the first few bars of the song, then the band keeps it real-fantastic song! This is great music coming from her days of listening to David Bowie and Elton John.

Biography(copied from her Facebook page)

Lauren Harding’s music is a direct result of a youth spent lying awake at night consuming David Bowie, Elton John and a bit of cabaret jazz. This musical symbiosis is the bedrock of her first EP, Heart In A Box, a love torn confessional filled with radio friendly hooks and smoke-filled speak easy vocals.

Harding moved from Massachusetts to LA to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy 

and pursue her passion in the city of dreams. Indeed, she dreamt up her whole EP while enduring her first months of congested LA traffic. A slight reprieve to visit her family in Cape Cod allowed her the time and space to organize and select what tracks she would pursue in the studio.

In 2010 she entered The LA Producers Club to track the six songs at breakneck speed over a long weekend. Delirious late night sessions were aided by strong lattes and Harding’s unyielding focus on capturing her musical vision.

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