Friday, September 13, 2013

There Is Still Good IN This World...Do Not Forget This(Original posting November 2012)

With the news always dragging us down and things on the internet are so quick to say that this or that is bad for you instead we forget to keep ourselves or for that matter others in your life-or your neighbor who just lost his wife.
Here are some random things I saw today on the internet and they are not your typical things we find. Celebrities on a fast diet or their 7th marriage...who cares? Really does it matter in our world, really?

Now this is the original video before Coca Cola got it and edited it down for Television, this is a better version.

Security Cameras Catch The Good As Well

How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

These are fantastic videos to watch

Thank you for reading this
I hope this brought a smile to your face and warmed your heart
Till Next Time
Anthony Nadeau

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