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CD Review: Dinah Thorpe-12

December 4th, 2012

With calming vocals and great music backing her up Dinah Thorpe  shows the reason we all love music. This is a great venture from the beaten path of the music that fills todays airwaves. Just songs like "Song For Dolly" has such unbridled energy that few artists can emulate.

(below-from the label)
With a commanding presence, uncompromising style and powerful harmonies, Dinah makes electro-folk-pop that is not afraid to be smart.
 Her latest song cycle, 12 (out December 4th 2012), lives where beats meet melody, and pulls listeners in with equal parts grace, humor, and sensuality.
The album is already creating a buzz with its retro pin-up calendar artwork receiving a 2012 JUNO Award nomination for Recording Package of the Year.

Dinah’s musical influences include Dolly Parton, The Roots, Feist, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Bj√∂rk, Portishead, Buddy Holly, Kinnie Starr, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Pete Seeger, M.I.A., SoCalled, The Turtle Gals, The Beatles, Beethoven, Broadway musicals, glitch, and centuries-old church music.

I love the almost improve feel of the songs,that sound unrehearsed but yet so fresh and new!"What You & I Can Do" is a fantastic song.

This is an perfect fit for the saying.

"Less Is More" when it comes to the writing and performing of the music where there an over abundance of music with so much going on, this is a quiet approach to some great music.
This music will stand the test of time long before most of what is on the radio will.

"Interlude" is just a track with a purring cat, nice.

"Tradesman" has a great track accompanying the song, this is a fantastic song as well, wow!

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