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Little Shop Movie Review: Snow White & The Huntsman(2012)

So this classic fairy tale had three versions thrust upon the movie viewer this year. First there was simply "Grimm's Snow White" from The Asylum Read Snow White Review Here.
Then there was "Mirror, Mirror" with Julia Roberts playing the queen I have watched about a half hour and she is horrid as the queen.
Then this third version came out in theatres I had gone to the cinema that day to see Prometheous however the film had already started so seeing that I was already there I wanted to see a film so I went and saw this.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Trust me when I say this that I was not excited to see another Kristen Stewart film OR either Chris Hemsworth, but I was instead swept away by the story and the visuals and the actions scenes. Kristen was not really given much to do early on in her scenes except be a shut in as The Queen(Charlize Theron) had her locked away since she was a child. Now Charlize should be up for a Best Villian award for her performance as The Queen as she was the most wicked since "Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs".

The use of her mirror is visually comparable to that of the T-1000 from Terminator 2:Judgement Day but stands alone well on it's own. She and her brother Finn(Sam Spruell)are looking to keep Snow White for themselves until she escapes.  The Queen then calls in The Huntsman(Chris Hemsworth)the rest of the story is the same with a bit of 21st Century flair.

He just kind of meanders through this role kind of like he did with Thor, but the direction from Rupert Sanders helps us forget that.
Over all I was pleasently pleased when the film was over I felt this was a good film and I watched it again at home with my two boys and they enjoyed it as well.

The Dwarfs are played by some familiar faces: Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, & Nick Frost.
Here is the trailer below:

Now here is the music video for the movie:
Music performed by Florence & The Machine

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