Thursday, December 13, 2012

Movie Review: Golden Winter(2012)

In the tradition of Air Buddies The Asylum now has their own cute & cuddly dog film, is that good though for a studio that has been putting out some pretty decent flicks this year?
The answer is no.
This film sticks to the cuteness way too long and gets tired about 20 minutes in.

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Andrew Beckham plays Oliver who wants to join the local group of bad guys?So they break into a house and hold up fort in a house that is up for foreclosure that Oliver's father is working for the bank that is forcing the family out.
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In this house is a pack of puppies that have been separated from their mother, the film has some of the most annoying voice overs I have heard.
I have seen a number of the Air Bud, Air Buddies & Beethoven etc films so I am familiar with these types of films and the fore mentioned films are better. This movie is just a platform for the dogs to show their cuteness but they are put in situations like being locked in the garage and they grab a mop and open the door with it, because they are too short to reach the doorknob.
This did not work on so many levels even the heist at the end of the film is poorly done and the conclusion to it is even worse.
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Shannon Elizabeth lends her name to the film, that's about it she does her best(I guess)but this is far from anything remotely entertaining or good.
There is a scene where she and her husband Jeff(Jason Brooks)are talking about Oliver who is at the other house with his buddies but in the families kitchen his backpack and bike helmet sit on the counter, he just had them at the other house in the scene prior.
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