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Little Shop Movie Review: Savages(2012)

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November 13, 2012

Let me start by saying that if Benicio Del Toro is not nominated for an award for Best Supporting Actor then that is a travesty.
He is fabulous and captivating when he is on camera, his scene with John Travolta-he controls the entire mood of.

This film directed by Oliver Stone, here he shows that he still has what it takes to make a movie work-there are some incredibly tense moments in this film that had another director filmed those scenes they would have fallen apart. There is a scene where Ben is forced to "finish what he started" and for us we get close ups of the faces, they are in the working process of working with the Mexican drug cartels, we are their witnesses.

Ben & Chon are the biggest pot growers in California with their girlfriend O, yes they both are with her. She explains that to us in a narration that is very well orchestrated from the start.

Trust me when I say this is not an easy film to sit through there are some instances where I was nervous and tense, but if you like movies about corrupt cops, drug deals gone bad, kidnapping and many other things-then I think you found your movie.
This is a thinking man's film, please note if you have to leave the room-remember to press pause you might miss something that would mix you up as this is quite involved.

Below is a video spotlight on Benicio Del Toro playing Lado


So this is something NEW that just started today I will be reviewing films for my friends Movie store, Jim who owns 
Little Shop of Movies here in Maple Ridge.
This is the first movie of many that I hope will help his rental business.
For those that might laugh at this as of tonight I was his 2,100 customer to sign up so there is interest in renting movies still.

Thank you for reading this:
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