Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Of 2012--Music

2012 was an amazing year for me musically speaking I had an incredible amount of music that came across my desk either digitally or in way of a physical cd, either way it was an amazing year of music.
The pictures above are some of my big faves of the year as they were returns from iconic groups of the past(Saga & Soundgarden)with new and surprisingly fresh musical styles, yet still staying within their own unique sounds.
The best part of 2012 is that I got to listen to all these bands that I had not had the pleasure of hearing before this past year.
Finsterforst's album is so grand and epic in scale it is an amazing feat then there is Yurei who's sound is so different than what I had heard before there is really no way to describe it other than you have a listen yourself.I could go on for days on how great this year was.
Most of all I would love to thank all the bands, labels, promoters, & publicist's from all the labels that I have had the honor of reviewing for, yes I am VERY thankful for that.
So here I will provide links for all the albums that made my best of list I will not have numbers by them as I like them all for all different reasons so many different ways these albums spoke to me artists so vastly different within their perspective genres of music that I feel it unfair to list them by number and don't have the time or patience to do a list for each genre of music. Also to give all these great bands a chance to at least have their names viewed I have decided to Not put them in any alphabetical order instead just random spots for each as the list is vast and want you the reader to click all the names of the artists to see what they are about.


4arm-Submission for Liberty

Moonspell-Alpha-Noir/Omega White

Zodiac-Bit of Devil

Geoff Tate--King & Thieves

Yurei's -Night Vision

Beyond Threshold-Who We Are

Devin Townsend Project-Epicloud

Hexvessel-No Hollier Temple

Beardfish-The Void

Gravedigger-Clash of the Gods


3 Inches of Blood-Long Live Heavy Metal


Evocation-Illusions of Grandeur

Varg-Guten Tag

Time & Energy-Strange Kind of Focus

Marty Friedman-Tokyo Jukebox Vols 1 & 2(re-issues)

Jeff Loomis-Plains of Oblivion

The Morningbirds-The Quickening

Sorrows Path-The Rough Path of Nihilism

The Jardines-Someone's Stolen Tuesday


Celestial Ruin-The Awakening

Beyond All Recognition-Drop=Dead

Glowsun-Eternal Season


Katrin The Thrill-Evil Eye Charm

Gates-of-Dis-Rise of the Heretic

Liv Kristine-Libertine



In This Moment-Blood


Fozzy-Sin & Bones

The Jelly Project-Ugly Dirty

Vulture-Kult-Dont Let Rock N Roll Ruin Your Life


Galactic Pegasus-Mirages

The Como Brothers Band-The Speed of Sound

Lauren-Harding-Heart In A Box

Dark Tranquillity-Zero Distance

Pigeon Park-Pigeon Park


The Agonsist-Prisoners

Oddland-The Treachery of Senses

Paradise Lost-Tragic Idol

EndAnd-Adventures In Low/Hi-Fi In Space

Frostbite-Valentine & Other Stories of Hope

The Flower Kings-Banks of Eden

Headspace-I Am-Anonymous


Arjen-Lucasson-Lost in the New Real

It Bites-Map of the Past


Soundgarden-King Animal

Kontrust-Second Hand Wonderland

Candlemass-Psalms For The Dead

Dinah Thorpe-12


Feel Never Real-Vs the Sea of Disease

Kyshera-Made in China

Jodi Shaw-In Waterland


With Smoke They Gave Their Offering-Bloodlines Abandoned

Habit of Force-Habit of Force

Pulse-Show Me The Way

So there we have it 67 albums later and that is my good list, my bad list is a lot smaller.
But that is another time for now we will just leave this where it is.
I have a few more films to watch before I want to start on my Best/Worst lists for the year, but just for the record my favorite of the year of those I did see was:

The Hobbit, but more on that later as well.

Hope this finds you all well
Any chance you care to share you favorites albums for last year please feel free to comment below, Thanks

Anthony Nadeau

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